Restorative Movement: Pink Ribbon 360 Heals Mind and Body

When Teri Friedland’s best friend couldn’t find a proper rehab program to address her physical and emotional needs after her breast cancer surgeries, Teri took her experience as an occupational therapist and fitness instructor, combined it with intensive research and training, and created Pink Ribbon 360. Breast cancer survivors have unique challenges, and this holistic program helps them stretch and strengthen the shoulders, chest, and back with a series of gentle exercises while helping them regain their sense of control and confidence.

At Bosom Buddies, we’re thrilled to have met Teri on our journey to help breast cancer survivors improve their lives. She recently shared this great video with three exercises that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Bookmark this page and take a minute to visit her site at—she offers individualized holistic wellness programs for mind, body, and soul (currently via Zoom).

Thanks, Teri!