Pinktober was Pinktastic!

#BreastCancerAwareness2020 raised millions around the world, and here in Arizona, our organization was blessed by the generosity of our neighbors.

Throughout the month of October and beyond, our non-profit received donations from entities as varied as an independent t-shirt designer (thanks, T-Shirt Mill!), a delicious mix breakfast food (thanks, Muesliikon!), and a fun jiu-jitsu studio (thanks, 10th Planet Scottsdale!) to big businesses like iAnthus Capital, Penske Automotive Group, and Brighton—thanks, thanks, and thanks!

This year has been a struggle on so many levels (we’re preaching to the choir, we know), but it’s been heart-warming to see all the support pouring out for the women and men who have gone through or are still struggling through their breast cancer journey.

Bosom Buddies of Arizona is here for all of them, offering a combination of information, moral support, rides for survivors to their medical appointments, digital meetings (stay tuned!), our excellent Navigating Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis guide, hotline, and much more—and for all this, we need and welcome your support.

We still have our GoFundMe page set up if you want to help, and our Facebook Page is ready and waiting for donations as well.

Help us help our Arizona-based breast cancer survivors—anything and everything you can do makes a huge difference!

Below is a list of companies and entities who lent us their support for this year’s #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth:

iAnthus Capital

PAG Arizona (Penske Automotive Group)

SandBar Mexican Grill

Superstition Hobbies “The R/C Warehouse”

10th Planet Scottsdale Jiu Jistsu


POWER Midwestern

TeeShirt Mill


Brighton Chandler

Texas Roadhouse


Gold Canyon Strong