How Nipple Tattoos Are Positively Impacting People’s Lives

The day Carla Walker returned home after getting areola tattoos, she’d never felt more in control of her world. Despite the rough journey that led her to this moment—she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2019 and elected to have a bilateral mastectomy—Carla recalls looking at herself in the mirror and being overcome with a sense of both gratitude and empowerment

“The emotional side of dealing with breast cancer was staring me in the face. Every day, there was always a reminder,” she tells Glam. “Then I got my tattoos. I really could not stop thinking about how wonderful I looked and how happy having all of me back made me feel.”

Areola tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among women like Carla, who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery after cancer. And although a tattoo doesn’t change the cancer diagnosis itself, there’s hope and empowerment in knowing that breasts can be reconstructed and that the appearance of areolas can be restored. (Read more…)