“It’s Worth Your Time”: 28-Year-Old Woman Warns Others to Self Check for Breast Cancer

Spectrum News

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Just a little over a year ago, 28-year-old Madison Nodine said her life was completely normal while working as a second grade teacher and living in Charlotte. That is until she found something odd, while completing a self breast exam.

She says she felt a lump and decided to go to her gynecologist. Her doctor told her she was too young to worry becuase it was probably a cyst.

“I had felt it for like over a year, but it had started to grow in size and that’s why a year later I went back and said hey I”m still concerned,” she said.

Her doctor sent her for a mammogram. It’s a procedure not usually given to women in their 20’s, just to be cautious. [Read more…]