It’s OK to Cut Yourself Some Slack When Dealing With Cancer

Photo by Kelly Newton on Unsplash

A cancer survivor talks about how to cut yourself some slack during these eventful and troubled times.

It is amazing how much the coronavirus has changed our lives and routines, even for us retired people. I wake up in the morning feeling a weariness that is unusual for me. I know how fortunate I am because I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat and have not lost any loved ones to this horrible pandemic, but I am facing another typical COVID day. I sleep in because I go to bed very late. I meet friends outside and socially distant. I work on my writing, do some laundry, answer e-mails and conduct other boring chores. Before I go to bed, I watch several hours of television and then berate myself for sitting there wasting time and doing nothing.

I am going outside now to eat with friends, but with winter approaching, this will change. After doing my writing, correspondence and other duties, I found myself beating myself up for wasting time and not getting more done. There is always more to do, more writing, more letters to friends and family, more routines around the house, more cleaning—well you get the gist.

One day I finally had an epiphany. I stopped and said to myself – “WAIT A MINUTE! CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK!” [Read more…]